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Re: [IPk] driving / DCCT results

> Things are evidently better than they were, and will continue to improve,
> for example as new very long acting insulins without a peak, such as
> insulin glargine, come onto the market. In many ways these will act like a
> pump for people on MDI, who will have steady basals provided by these
> insulins, and boluses from a pen. They aren't quite as good as the pump
> though, as we all know that some variation in basal rates is needed. 

I don't think that's quite true, Tony, because some people don't actually 
require any variation in their basal rates. And some people get better 
results on MDI than others do on pumps, even without non-peaky long-acting 
insulins such as Glargine/Lantus.  A large number of people do get better 
results on the pump, but that doesn't mean that everyone will.
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