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RE: [IPk] driving

>Surely the issue is not whether there is a higher number of hypos, but
>rather what you do with them.

But once you suspect you are having a mild hypo, you have maybe been
driving illegally for 15 minutes. Before you become symptomatic, your
reaction times etc increase dramatically - in much the same way as if you
were drunk. And the fact you are mildly hypo prevents you noticing this.
(In fact, I believe that insulin and alcohol are covered in the same act of
parliament, as a drugs liable to affect your ability to drive.)

And there is a further intractable problem: the act of having a mild hypo
often seems to make you want to deny that you are having a mild hypo. It's
bizarre and defies logic (and would make an excellent research paper I'm

But we are confusing mild hypos and severe hypos. It's the severe hypos,
where we suddenly head off to gaga-land that concern me most. If you have
no natural glucagon production (it often packs up after about 5 years) and
if you have recently had another bad hypo, your body may give you no
warning until you lose control. How are you going to spot that?


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