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RE: [IPk] driving

Suggestion: let's put an agreed version of Tony's list on the website.
Anyone who wanted to could print off a copy and present it to their medical
team as something that they should give out to people and discuss with them
once a year. Who knows, the medical staff may photocopy and use it if they
don't have to do any work.


> If there are things we should all do, they are these:
> Certainly check glucose at least within an hour of any trip
> Keep a meter in the car, and check anytime during a trip if unsure
> Don't drive below 4.5
> Keep lucozade or your favourite tipple! in the car at ALL times
> Develop an aggressive policy with yourself. ie if I might be
> hypo, I'll stop
> the car, switch off the engine, take keys out and do a test. Sitting there
> with the engine running is temptation to get going again too soon!
> Stick a notice on the dashboard, AND carry a card stating your
> diabetes and
> 'if in an accident, think hypoglycaemia'. What looks like a very visible
> card in your ashtray, isn't so visible when the car is upside
> down on a dark
> road in the rain.
> Finally, I  nearly always eat sweeties during a long drive, slowly and
> well-spaced, but my glucose often ends up at 11 or so by
> journey's end, but
> what the hell, at least i got there!!
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