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[IPk] Dealing with airport security

Hi everyone,

In the last two years, I tended to travel by air within the U.S. an average of
once every six weeks--going to conferences, visiting family and friends, etc.
I got only curious questions about the pump: as soon as I tugged at the tubing
to indicate that it was attached to me, I was waved through security
checkpoints.  Only the New Orleans Airport metal detector went crazy over my
pump; as a metal-detector wand at that airport sensed the hooks on the back of
my bra, I wasn't too surprised.

Now that I'm living in the UK, I imagine that most of my air travel will be at
least international if not transatlantic in nature.  Just this morning I
returned from a long weekend in Toronto (for the North American Conference on
British Studies--really! http://www.nacbs.org).  Outbound, on my way through
to the shopping mall that is Terminal 4 at Heathrow, I had to show 4 security
guards that my pump was *truly* attached to my stomach after unsuccessfully
walking through the metal detector portal 3 times.  I had to show one of them
that my bg meter worked.  Finally, I had to show a supervisor where my pump
says "Insulin Pump" on the case.  I then had to open the reservoir so he could
read the part that says the pump is only to be sold under the orders of
physician.  On my way out of Toronto, I had to be "swept" with the
metal-detector wand 3 times after being made to walk through the
metal-detector portal 3 times.  In both places, the airport security people
were adamant that I would have to remove the pump until I shouted sternly,
"This is MEDICAL EQUIPMENT!" followed by, in a slightly less ugly, more
pleading tone, "I will DIE if you take this away from me!"

Let me say that I am glad that security is tight; I lost a cousin the WTC
blast and I don't want anything like it to happen ever again.  My real query
is this, however: is there a fool-proof way to get through airport security
without being bitchy?  I've brandished letters of medical necessity to no
effect, so I am loath to try that tactic first-off.  I carry the letter, but,
let's face it, anyone can forge a letter in order to smuggle a bomb, right?  I
know the security guards are just doing their jobs; I don't like yelling at
them.  SO, what do y'all do?  Is traveling by air on the Continent as
stressful as transatlantic travel?  Is there a "magic phrase" other than

Thanks for any ideas,

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