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[IPk] driving

I'm sorry if I overlooked the threefold (or whatever) increase in the risk
of hypoglycaemia in intensively controlled patients in the DCCT. Yes, I can
see that the obvious inference is that these people present more of a risk
when driving ( especially in situations like the husband of Carmel's friend)
. But I don't think we can really generalise. As I said before , one would
have thought that these people would be more aware of the risks of a hypo
 perhaps from personal experience) and if motivated to control their BGs to
prevent complications, would also be motivated to test and avoid accidents.
Sadly, obviously not always the case. And certainly, I know of several
peolple who suffer from hypos, occasionally severe, who rarely test day to
day and would certainly never think to test before driving.

Perhaps everyone on insulin should be given compulsory instruction on it's
safe use when driving!
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