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[IPk] driving

I am well aware that the current situation with the DVLA exposes people to
unfair discrimination
However, I thought that a substantial proportion of people with DM loose
their hypo perception after many years. I don't think this alone is so much
a problem as when people don't even consider the potential consequences of
getting in the driving seat  when they may experience a hypo.
I spoke to someone at work on insulin who says that he takes care of
himself, yet, one day he had a salad for lunch with no carbs ( and he is on
a twice daily regime) and drove home later that evening.He doesn't check BG
before driving. He could barely recognise his own house and staggered out of
the car before he realised he was hypo.He did not have a history of blacking
out with hypos and said that this event took place 8 weeks  prior to
speaking to him and he had not had a hypo since.
Apart from the sheer silliness of putting himself in a dangerous situation
by not eating carbs on a fixed insulin regime, I think that this shows that
no one on insulin can afford to be too complacent that they will always
recognise a hypo in it's early stages. I think that in some cases those who
have been banned from driving may be safer than those who have not. The
latter, if less likely to expereince hypos may be in this category purely
because they are not attempting to control their BG so it doesn't occur to
them that a hypo copuld still happen, wheraes perhaps those with severe
hypos may be more afraid of this happening and more likely to test to avoid
the situation.
The key is, if in any doubt, test before driving ( and also if you don't
think there is any possibility of being low)

I'm sorry, this is probabley really stereotyping people and there must be
plenty of people who have been banned purely due to not taking care
regarding low BG, and those who manage to hold on to their license by taking
meticulous care.

I think that there is a study at present looking into accidents caused by
hypos. This would surely be difficult to conduct as someones BG in hospital
after an accident may be much lower ( or higher) than at the time of the
accident  and could lead false accusation of driving with a hypo
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