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Re: [IPk] Glycaemic index ( previously Desert Foods)

>I can eat a chocolate
>bar (and often do) purely as a snack when I feel like it and
>as long as I give the Humalog at the same time I see no rise
>in blood sugar 30 mins later.  It works very fast for me
>except when my BGM is very high (more than 15) when it may
>take a couple of hours to return to normal once the humalog
>is administered.

If I am not mistaken, chocolate is not a low GI food. Why this is so, I am 
not sure. Julette can probably correct me if I am mistaken.

>The authors of the GI would encourage people to have about 50% low & 50%
>high GI foods, the main thought was to include at least some low GI choices
>during the day - not every item in someone's diet. The main thing about low
>GI choices is they are 'in general' seem to have benefits exceeding the
>carbohydrate content anyway. EG: Low GI choices tend to be more refined &
>associated with higher fat intakes, lower fruit consumption

Yes, I agree with this though perhaps not necessarily in the ratio suggested. 
I did not mean to suggest that only high GI foods should be eaten. If you 
combine high GI foods with low ones, this will help to slow their absorption. 
What you have said about low GI foods being more refined & associated with 
higher fat intakes is an important point. Isn't it true that eating mostly 
low GI foods will increase the risk of putting on weight?

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