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Re: [IPk] new pump user

>I have also found that the effect of one unit can vary . It varies based on
>your BG at the time. Similarly I have found you may need the traditional
>bedtime snack if you are a bit lowish say below 5.

If you need 1 unit for every 15g of carb, and 1 unit lowers your bg by 2.5
mmol/L, then 15g of carb *without insulin* will raise your bg by 2.5

So 4 bedtime glucose tablets may raise my bg from 5 to about 7...

Personally, I find that my digestion is somewhat unpredictable once I have
gone to bed - something to do with lying down I suspect - so I would rather
use a tempoary basal rate to raise my bg. Say cut it in half for 2 hours.
The rate automatically returns to normal while I am fast asleep.


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