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Re: [IPk] new pump user

Hi Lydia,

The pump you may be referring to is possibly the H-TRONplus V100 from our
company, Disetronic, we are the other pump company operating in the UK.

Failing that, we do have a new pump coming through early next year (the
D-TRON) which will take the pre-filled Humalog 3ml pen cartridge. In our
opinion, it will be the most technically advanced pump on the market; in
addition to all the standard alarms you would expect from a pump,  there
will be also be a leak alarm, an infra red port for communication of data,
it will be fully waterproof, have two different programmable basal rates, as
well as the extended bolus function and it will operate on a DC motor, as
all the Disetronic pumps do, which means that even if the pump is delivering
0.1 of a unit of insulin per hour, this is spread into 20 equal deliveries
over that hour.

I hope this answers your question and clarifies the matter.

Kind regards

Estelle Lucas

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Date: 29 November 2000 22:00
Subject: [IPk] new pump user

>I have been reading all the e-mails with great interest.  I have been on a
>minimed 508 for four weeks now, but I could do with some advice.  I have
>found that 1 unit is too much for 15 g of charbohydrate at some times of
>day - and not enough for other times of the day - have other people found
>this.  Also, I have been having low BG's which come on an hour after having
>a slightly raised one of ...say 9.4...  I was told on a pump this wouldn't
>happen -   am I doing something wrong?  Having said all that - I think it
>much better than being on 4 to 5 injections a day - I certainly have better
>control than I did. I have also noticed that there is an alternative pump
>the market - what is it called?
>Lydia Bradley
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