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Re: [IPk] new pump user

>I have been reading all the e-mails with great interest.  I have been on a
>minimed 508 for four weeks now, but I could do with some advice.  I have
>found that 1 unit is too much for 15 g of charbohydrate at some times of the
>day - and not enough for other times of the day - have other people found

Hi Lydia -

If you're getting strange bg's at a certain time of the day, first check
your basal rate by eating nothing for a few hours around that time, and see
if your bg stays steady. If it rises or falls you should adjust your basal
rate appropriately at that time of day.

If it stays steady, only then should you exmaine your carb/insulin ratio.
Some people find this does indeed vary at different times of the day. Find
what works for you.

>Also, I have been having low BG's which come on an hour after having
>a slightly raised one of ...say 9.4...  I was told on a pump this wouldn't
>happen -   am I doing something wrong?

Whoever told you that was being economical with the truth :-) Pumping
doesn't guarantee you perfect results, but it gives you a powerful tool to
get better results...

Matching your insulin to your food is a fine art, and the more you do it,
the better you will get at it. If you're using Humalog, use the square-wave
bolus to receive the insulin over a longer period. Or take several boluses
- one before the meal, one after, and hour or two later if necessary. Big
high fat meals will sometimes release their carbohydrate more slowly than
smaller meals.

>I have also noticed that there is an alternative pump on
>the market - what is it called?

Do you mean the Disetronic?


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