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[IPk] re: new pump user

> I have
found that 1 unit is too much for 15 g of charbohydrate at some times of
day - and not enough for other times of the day - have other people found

Hi Lydia -

Your carb ratio may have changed since you were on injections.  Mine went
from 15g to 17g per unit.  I would be inclined to say that if your ratio is
different at different times of the day, you need to refine your basal
rate. It might be set slightly too high or two low for that time of day.
It's amazing the difference .1 of a unit can make over a couple of hours.
But then, some people might say that you should expect varying carb ratios
throughout the day.  John on this list has mentioned a few times that
doctors in Germany ask what is your carb ratio at each meal. Personally, I
think if you have a pump you should be able to tweak the basals so it's the
same ratio at every meal. Some people wouldn't care about this, but it
makes my life easier.

I'm glad you like your pump, and welcome to the list!

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