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Re: [IPk] The decline of the gene pool.

> Hi to everybody.
> Last night I had a discussion with a German friend of mine. He was
> arguing that in poorer countries there is a much better gene pool
> than in Europe. The reason he gave, was that there is still a lot of
> natural selection according the theory of Darvin going on."There,
> just the stongest survives" he said. What he said, he basically
> critized was the extremely good health care systems in highly
> developped industrialized countries like the UK, France, Germany
> etc. Diseases will be treated and therefore not erased. This leads
> to a passing on of the faulty gene to the next generation. But is
> this, what it is all about? Is it really bad to treat for example
> diabetes and pass it on from generation to generation.
He missed the part about survival of the fittest. FIT also includes 
SMART. I would suggest to him that future generations will be free 
from diabetes because the superior brain power of the surviving 
humans will find both a cure and a prevention for diabetes. I suspect 
that a vaccine will appear long before the cure give what we know and 
are learning about the immune system.

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