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[IPk] The decline of the gene pool.

Hi to everybody.

Last night I had a discussion with a German friend of mine. He was arguing 
that in poorer countries there is a much better gene pool than in Europe. 
The reason he gave, was that there is still a lot of natural selection 
according the theory of Darvin going on."There, just the stongest survives" 
he said. What he said, he basically critized was the extremely good health 
care systems in highly developped industrialized countries like the UK, 
France, Germany etc. Diseases will be treated and therefore not erased. This 
leads to a passing on of the faulty gene to the next generation. But is 
this, what it is all about? Is it really bad to treat for example diabetes 
and pass it on from generation to generation. Or would it have been better 
if we Diabetics just had died before reproducing.This all in order to 
improve the genes and therefore having stopped the genetical illness to be 
passed on? I don't know how great the chance of passing on of diabetes is? 
What I have heared is that if  one part of the coulpe got it, the chance for 
the child of getting it is between 8 to 10%, if both got it, 30 - 50%. Many 
people wrongly believe that the chance of passing diabetes on to a child is 
50% if one partner has it and 100% if both got it. This wrong assumption 
hinders many people to have children with diabetics. This must be possitive 
for society anyway, mustn't. Again this rises the question wether diabetics 
should have kids at first place. But in my opinion that is not, what society 
is all about. On the one hand there is nature and on the other our society. 
Of course, in many ways is the opposite of "nature". So it is against nature 
to treat diseases like diabetes. But society also stands for progress and 
maybe in 5 years every diabetic will get an artificial pancreas inplanted. 
The disease will then be as minor as if somebody is short-sighted. He simply 
just puts some glasses on, we the A-Pancreas. In ten years time we might 
already be able to replace the faulty gene by a healthy one. This is, what 
society is all about.
Maybe Darvin hadn't thought about posibilities of modern technology. I'm 
sure it is better to let somebody die who is connected to a lung machine and 
hasn't got a real chance of leading a normal life afterwards. But diabetics 
have! In poorer countries genetical deseases might maybe not be passed on, 
but there, very healthy people die in unnecessary religous wars.
There healthy genes then will also be erased. Seriously I'd like to hear 
some views of you guys, because when my German friend told me about his 
theory, I was rather shocked. I had to ask him on the spot if he rather 
prefers me to be dead. He said that you, of course have to see society as a 
whole. For the individual you have to decide what is best for him. But does 
he really mean that or are his views just been passed on from his 
"maybe-Nazi" grandfather. I have to go now as my sugar level is extremely 
low and I'm hardly able to correct even my spelling mistakes. I'm looking 
forward to receiving some statements on this suject. Where is my damn 
emergency sugarrrrrrrrrrrr..................


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