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[IPk] Re: Site

> Today, it starts feeling warm so I check again.  This time it looks
> red
> under the tape. I cursed and sweared and prevaricated but didn't
> really have
> a choice.  New set required.  I changed site to the other side (as
> far as
> poss away from the problem area).  What was really irritating was
> that there
> was no infection.  But what a mess!  Both the actual holes in the
> vicinity
> were as clean as a whistle and no inflammation.  But all around where
> the
> tape had been, there was five red lumps - not dissimilar to a
> mosquito bite
> and with blotches spreading out.
> Been using the same tape since March with no problem. No change in
> insulin.
> And no idea why the site reacted so.

I have had such blotches so persistently (and with quite unbearable
itching) under all tapes, any tapes, that I stopped following the
rules, stopped using tapes, and have just relied on the tape of the
actual butterly set to keep stuck on.  And that has mostly been just
fine, for over a year, until this week, when the adhesive came unstuck
on Saturday evening, and then again yesterday evening - usually I can
keep sites in for a week - has anyone else had a comparable experience,
any suggestions? 
Very occasionally I have got the red bumps also under or next to the
actual butterfly set - the only clue I have to why it happens is a
slight suspicion that my skin might generally be more sensitive to
things when I run higher blood sugar, and/or when eat certain foods -
perhaps more chocolate or more wheat products, and/or that it could be
hormone related - but this is only a suspicion.  Did you by chance make
any change in your diet recently, has your blood sugar been higher? 
any hormonal changes - medications which could affect hormones?
Good luck with those red blotches.

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