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Re: [IPk] Which pump??

Hi Rosemary

Disetronic pump centers of excellence are existing DM clinics where the 
staff receive training and support from Disetonic, to enable them to 
provide help and support for people on Disetronic insulin pumps. It also 
enables them to put and train people with diabetes onto insulin pumps.

One of the DM clinics in Bristol is now a pump center, so your existing DM 
team are fully conversant with pumps - which makes life a bit easier when 
go to clinics etc. There are now a number of centers around the UK.

There is some further information at http://www.diabetic.org.uk/disetronic

At the end of the day it was one of the reasons why I went for the 
Disetronic because I knew there would be support locally should I need it - 
a comfort zone - not that I have needed it.



At 09:37 19/11/2000, you wrote:
>Dear Steven
>Thanks for your comments. Its nice to get some feedback on the Disetronic as
>a lot of people (esp in US) seem to be on the Minimed. I may be wrong but I
>think that the new Dtron pump from Disetronic will have a backlight. One
>question - what is the Pump Centre of Excellence in Bristol?
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