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Re: [IPk] Hi John.

>The problem was, that most of the stuff
>wasn't covered by the NHS. So in my case I wanted to have blood sicks
>(Blutstaebchen) for my Accutrend sensor, but I was told that I'd have to pay
>for them.

How long ago was that? All blood testing strips are free. You can usually
get enough for 4 tests per day - but you may have to "negotiate" with your
doctor. They are available for all the modern meters. If you are on a pump,
you should be able to get more. You usually have to buy the meter, but they
are fairly cheap compared with the cost of the strips.

>By the way, did you study medicine(in Freiburg).

No - I'm an opera singer. I work free lance in Germany, and my wife, who is
a singer as well, works for Freiburg Opera.

By the way, if anyone's in the Bristol area next week, my wife and I are
giving a charity recital in Long Ashton on Wednesday 22 November. All
Saints church.  8pm. Details at

>What I hate about Britain and especially London is the terrible constant not
>even good weather.

But what else would the British talk about if they couldn't complain about
the weather? ;-)


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