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[IPk] Hi John.

Hi John

You are right. The medical system  in this country is different. To me it 
seems even a bit bizare. I remember when I went to a doctor in Britain he 
prescribed everything I wanted. The problem was, that most of the stuff 
wasn't covered by the NHS. So in my case I wanted to have blood sicks 
(Blutstaebchen) for my Accutrend sensor, but I was told that I'd have to pay 
for them.
There were obviously some for free. I asked to show these to me. I tell you, 
these were really ancient! I think the blood meter was called Reflolux 2 or 
something. The only advantage of these blood sticks was that you didn't 
actually need the meter. So you could just compare colours. By the way, did 
you study medicine(in Freiburg). I was thinking about it but the situation 
for doctors concerning wages is pretty bad in Germany right now. An average 
doctor in a German hospital gets payed as much as a normal bank clerk. The 
difference is the time of studying. A bank clerk does his three years of 
ship and a doctor has to study at least six years. It's probably all a 
question of utility. But for me it be too much effort for too little return. 
What I hate about Britain and especially London is the terrible constant not 
even good weather. In Bavaria the weather isn't like the one in Spain but at 
least in the Winter it is decently cold but sunny and in the Summer it is 
acceptable warm. In Britain it is either warm and it rains or it is cloudy 
and cold or it is cold and it rains. Despite this I'm still staying here 
over Christmas as a friend who also got diabetes is visiting me. Anyway till 
very soon.


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