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Re: [IPk] A new subject.

Christian -

Hi. Welcome to the list. And welcome to Britain!

I'm in a similar situation to you, but reversed: I'm British, but I moved
to Germany last year. So I have had to get used to the German health
system. It's interesting how different the systems are. Yes, they do have
more support groups in Germany, but it's probably just cultural differences.

Broteinheit is a "bread unit" and is 12 grams of carbohydrate? In recent
years most food manufacturers have started to include the carbohydrate
content on the packaging, and they give it in grams, so I use grams for my
calculations. 15g carbohydrate needs one unit of insulin. After a while you
will find it easy to estimate how much insulin food needs just by looking
at it - rather like you can estimate how difficult it will be to lift a
bucket of water just by looking at it without having to weigh it first!

>Concerning proteins, is it really necessary to raise your amount of insulin
>when taking them in? And if so, by how much. As far as I'm concerned, I have
>never done it and I think that just a plausible reason could convince me
>doing it.

Some people do include it. Most don't. Do whatever is necessary to get
results you are happy with.

>Anyway, taking part in this discussion group is all right but in order to
>get used to the English technical diabetes jargon, it requires some time.
>I've seriously never takled to anybody IN ENGLISH about diabetes. But I hope
>you could even understand some German diabetes English.

Last week my diabetes doctor in Freiburg asked me to speak to his medical
students at the universty about my diabetes. He likes to bring a patient
with him so the students can ask questions and get "real" answers. I was
absolutely terrified! But I managed to talk fluently in German for half an
hour :-)


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