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[IPk] A new subject.

Hi Julitte.

I was wondering if there are any diabetes groupes meeting in London?
I've lived there now some time and haven't physically met any diabetic 
yet.Since September I got my disetronic pump. It's been working quite well 
so far. The only problem I have is to evaluate the amount of food I eat 
appropriately. I used to have a scale ages ago. I don't realy know what a 
modern diabetic does? Most of my German diabetic frinds just guess. Is it 
more common to use tables. If yes, where from. I mean, my German doctor gave 
me a table of how much energie is contained in  certain MC Donald's burgers. 
As I became Vegetarian (apart from fish)
in this country I don't want to eat Vegi-burgers every day. The food quality 
of MC Donald's is not my standard anyway. I rather prefer to self made rice 
and vegetable curry every day in this country. But how do you evaluate rice? 
In Germany we calculate in BE's (meaning Broteinheiten) so, for each BE I 
pump a certain amount of insulin. Anyway it's the same anywhere I guess. So 
I just use the thumb rule being 4 BE's per "normal" full plate of rice then 
injecting the coresponding amount of insulin. I think it's very inconvenient 
to pull out an BE-tabel when you've got a nice romantic dinner with a 
goodlooking girl.  My doctor always tries to change the amount of insulin 
injected for the amount of energy taken in. But I had these factors for 
years and I've still got the suger level to high every now and then (events 
like parties with alcohol, girl over, or equivalent factors excluded.)
Concerning proteins, is it really necessary to raise your amount of insulin 
when taking them in? And if so, by how much. As far as I'm concerned, I have 
never done it and I think that just a plausible reason could convince me 
doing it.
Anyway, taking part in this discussion group is all right but in order to 
get used to the English technical diabetes jargon, it requires some time. 
I've seriously never takled to anybody IN ENGLISH about diabetes. But I hope 
you could even understand some German diabetes English.


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>Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 14:29:39 -0000
>When protein enters the small intestine, it is broken down into the
>smaller moleculesof amino acids (our body building blocks..). The amino
>acids are absorbed into the blood stream and head for the liver where
>some are converted into glucose. This process takes place slowly  (a few
>hours) and is not a major contributor of blood glucose. Some of these
>amino acids are used to make other proteins.
>You may find benefit from split bolus or slight increase in basal rate
>if consistently this happens after these meals. ALternatively you could
>try square-wave/extended bolus on your pump.
>If you are eating a large (8-12oz) steak, for example, you may need to,
>if you are only having a small palm-sized protein portion, you probably
>won't need to worry. For each 1 oz weight of protein food..you may count
>as 1/3 carbohydrate ratio. BUT I stress it would be best done the way as
>listed above, not necessarily a straight out bolus due to slowed
>digestion of this nutrient. Plus you will find you won't need to worry
>too much if you are having general healthy eating portions.
>Jules :)
>Diabetes Research Dietitian
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> >
> > Hi Jennifer -
> >
> > Bernstein goes into great detail in his book as to how to cover the
> > glucose
> > produced by protein.  Just be careful if you're trying anything new,
> > particularly if you're on humalog, because in my experience protein
> > hits
> > after the humalog is gone.   If I ate meat and was on a low carb diet,
> > I
> > would most likely use actrapid or soluble insulin, for convenience's
> > sake.
> >
> > There's a lot of low carb communities on the net. I know one of them
> > is
> > called Stone and Spear (!).  They may be able to help you if you want
> > more
> > info. I would warn, however, that if someone tells you that this is
> > the
> > only way to go and it will solve all your problems to be skeptical. I
> > know
> > Bernstein often sounds like that, but he's also basing his assertions
> > on
> > his clinical practice and can back it up with fairly detailed
> > arguments
> > that can be double checked.
> >
> > elizabeth
> > Thanks Elizabeth -
> > I hadn't heard of covering protein with insulin -
> > but it makes sense -
> > we shall have to look into that one if we increase
> > the amount of protein in our diet.
> >
> > It's so hard to know when you pick up a book
> > if it is "faddy" or is actually ground-breaking
> > stuff which might just make sense.
> >
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