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Re: [IPk] Protein

>I sometimes use protein to  cover moderate exercise. It works well
because if it's only moderate exercise, if I eat carbs then they act too
fast, resulting in a high first and then possibly a low.

I do this as well. I do a lot of gardening, and occassionally I do some
conseration work, which would be day-long, stop-start sort of thing. If I
eat protein to cover the exercise, I need very little or no insulin. But if
I have an significant amount of carb (which I'd say would be over 10-15g at
one meal), I end up with BGs all over the shop. If I use carbs for this
exercise, I also have to worry about temporary basal rates, and things.  If
I eat protein instead, I just leave things as they are and go about my
business.  But of course, there are probably people for whom this approach
to this type of exercise wouldn't work, so you have to experiment for


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