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Re: [IPk] Protein

On Wed, 15 Nov 2000, you wrote:
>>Can you please explain why you would cover protein with insulin?

My response is similar to Elizabeth's.
Normally, I wouldn't bother covering protein. But if I'm eating a lot of
proteinm I cover it with either a very late bolus (e.g. 2 hours afterwards) 
or a square wave bolus. I wouldn't cover it with  a normal bolus of Humalog
because it doesn't start to act till some hours later.

I noticed I need this because I often eat protein  on its own late at
night, and I found I was waking up with high BGs when I did this.
Also, I sometimes use protein to  cover moderate exercise. It works well
because if it's only moderate exercise, if I eat carbs then they act too
fast, resulting in a high first and then possibly a low. Taking some
insulin to match is dodgy because any extra insulin in my system makes my
BG plummet if I then exercise.  I could just lower my basal rate during the
exercise, but sometimes I really need to eat first. For example, on Monday
I hadn't eaten anything since lunch, and I was dancing on and off from 6pm
- 11.30pm. Rather than mess around with small boluses and things, I had a
chunk of cheese and some peanut butter (yeah, I know.....but I didn't have
much else that was protein and I was in a hurry!). Result was a perfect BG
of 6 all through the evening. of course, if I hadn't been exercising, I
would have needed to cover that protein.

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