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Re: [IPk] re: Carbohydrates: Good or bad?

>Can you please explain why you would cover protein with insulin?

Becaughly half of protein is converted into glucose over a longer time
period than the conversion of 100% of  carb to glucose. There's a section
about it in the Minimed book _the Insulin Pumpers Handbook_ that discusses
this and states that some people would benefit from taking insulin to cover
this conversion. I've found that I'm one of these people.  It became pretty
obvious to me when I was eating, say 4 or 5 ounces of no-carb cheese and
having rediculously high BGs a few hours later that it was something that
applied to me.  I find it works very well for me, but I expect not everyone
needs to do it, or perhaps any protein they eat is already acounted for in
their insulin/carb ratio.  I would also often eat a meal that has very
little protein, and then later on eat a meal that's almost all protein, so
the difference is very obvious to me.


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