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[IPk] re: Carbohydrate...

Hi Jennifer -

Bernstein goes into great detail in his book as to how to cover the glucose
produced by protein.  Just be careful if you're trying anything new,
particularly if you're on humalog, because in my experience protein hits
after the humalog is gone.   If I ate meat and was on a low carb diet, I
would most likely use actrapid or soluble insulin, for convenience's sake.

There's a lot of low carb communities on the net. I know one of them is
called Stone and Spear (!).  They may be able to help you if you want more
info. I would warn, however, that if someone tells you that this is the
only way to go and it will solve all your problems to be skeptical. I know
Bernstein often sounds like that, but he's also basing his assertions on
his clinical practice and can back it up with fairly detailed arguments
that can be double checked.

Thanks Elizabeth -
I hadn't heard of covering protein with insulin -
but it makes sense -
we shall have to look into that one if we increase
the amount of protein in our diet.

It's so hard to know when you pick up a book
if it is "faddy" or is actually ground-breaking
stuff which might just make sense.

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