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RE: [IPk] Carbohydrates - good or bad?

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> Sent:	14 November 2000 11:50
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> Subject:	Re: [IPk] Carbohydrates - good or bad?
> >    I have been reading excerpts from a book  called Diabetes
> Solution by
> >Richard Bernstein. There are several books now that promote a low
> >carbohydrate, higher protein diet - and this is one specifically for
> >diabetics.   Has anyone read this -  I'd be interested to know what
> >peoples  experience of lowering their carbohydrate levels is? The
> idea, so
> >it says, is to reduce the ups  and downs of sugar levels - which
> happens
> >even on a pump - though much less than on  injections.   Thanks
> Jennifer  
	[Kentish, Julette]   [Kentish, Julette]   Thanks for the below,
I have been away and of course all my computer woes now too...how will I
cope without one ready to hand... Anyway Wales was good for my brithday,
just getting away was fab!...Back to the story... Of course dietitian's
change their mind all the time. Experience and new developments do, it
would be pretty fantastic if we all new it all already! 
	I have seen no clear medical studies with low carb diets. Most
of the reason they result in weight loss is becuase they slowly will
start to deplete your stored glycogen (stored glucose in your
liver/muscles). Glycogen joins with water, so most of the weight which
gets lost very quickly on these diets is water rather than fat! Water
weights more than fat and so hence, you lose weight quickly. The
difficulty is..we start to eat normally again and the weight goes back
on..along with the water and glycogen. High saturated fat is not thought
to be a good thing along with trans fats. Additionally, low carbohydrate
diets tend to be higher in energy coming from fat and protein (which are
often higher in saturated fats...) thus not always said to be good
	I am of the opinion that... if your diet is high in
carbohydrates (50-60% energy) and you are overweight, you will find it
difficult to lose weight (unless you are running that marathon... On a
pump it is easier to be more exact with your bolus insulin requirements
because you haven't necessarily got all that extra insulin (you don't
need) floating around making you more hungry, risk of treating ++ hypo,
etc..High carbohydrates still contain energy (less than fat, alcohol and
slightly less than protein) and still need to be balanced as part of
your energy balance equation (energy in vs energy expenditure), of
course insulin can make you efficient at storing the glucose, but
patients without diabetes also produce insulin and store
food/carbohydrate if not expended. One of the best ways to try and
counter everything is to balance your plate (main meal) with 2/5 veg,
2/5 carb and 1/5 protein portion. That way, you can hopefully be assured
that you are getting your fill of nutrition (from other
sources..vits/minerals etc..) ((and yes it does depend on what you are
also eating at your other meals..)). Even though carbohydrates are
filled with vitamins and minerals, eating more than you require to get
these (ie: a whole plate of pasta or rice every night) will contain more
energy than having a varied diet of say 3 new potatoes one night, and
1/2 plate of pasta the next.
	You have got to eat what is going to make you happy. Adjusting
your insulin to suit a varied (but majorly) healthy diet is what is more
important in the long-term. Anytime you are missing out or excluding
major food categories is when you are going to run into long term
problems.  Phew... Hope that helps and I am off my soapbox now for a few
	Oh, I am updating the Diabetes Specialist Dietitians with these
new ideas on Thusrday at our main annual meeting. I am trying
	Hope you are all well! 
	Best Wishes for those of you celebrating International Diabetes
Day!! (how would you really??)
	Jules :)

	Julette Kentish
	Diabetes Research Dietitian
	Royal Bournemouth Hospital

>  professional dieticians seem to change their tune about every 10
> years,
> which rings alarm bells in me. One decade it is low carb, high fat for
> all.
> Then it is high carb, high fibre, low fat for all. Then it is low
> glycemic
> index rather than high fibre. I tell you, I am thoroughly confused!
> That's
> why I eat all things in moderation.
> Jules?
> John
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