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Re: [IPk] Carbohydrates - good or bad?

>    I have been reading excerpts from a book  called Diabetes Solution by
>Richard Bernstein. There are several books now that promote a low
>carbohydrate, higher protein diet - and this is one specifically for
>diabetics.   Has anyone read this -  I'd be interested to know what
>peoples  experience of lowering their carbohydrate levels is? The idea, so
>it says, is to reduce the ups  and downs of sugar levels - which happens
>even on a pump - though much less than on  injections.   Thanks Jennifer  

I've always tried to follow the all-things-in-moderation approach to
eating. Wide variety of foods. Plenty of fruit and veg. Nothing excluded.
Works fine for me.

I know the low-carb diet works for some, and doesn't work for others.
Perhaps it depends on how recently your ancestors were hunters living off
woolly mammoths :-) There may be quite high social costs for a teenage girl
to follow such a diet. Don't know. And of course the pump gives you the
special ability to target high carb with the right amount of insulin.

The professional dieticians seem to change their tune about every 10 years,
which rings alarm bells in me. One decade it is low carb, high fat for all.
Then it is high carb, high fibre, low fat for all. Then it is low glycemic
index rather than high fibre. I tell you, I am thoroughly confused! That's
why I eat all things in moderation.



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