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Re: [IPk] Which pump does everyone recommend?.

>Ok, which pump does the majority recommend?.

Gordon -

It's a bit like buying a new car. Is there *really* any difference between
a Ford X and Vauxhall Y? No, not really. They are both excellent cars. You
may be persuaded more by Vauxhall's marketting than Ford's, or you may have
found the sales staff at Ford exceptionally polite. Whatever. Ultimately
you will probably test drive both cars and follow your hunch.

Same with pumps. You may be able to get a free one month trial on both
pumps if you ask. Then make up your own mind.

Couple of points: the new Disetronic D-Tron pump - that takes a 3ml Humalog
pen cartridge - will not be available in the UK until next January I
believe. But I am told that if you buy the current H-Tron, you will get a
free swap when the D-Tron is released.

The MiniMed 508 has a cunning remote control that will hang from your
keyring, so you don't have to fish the pump out from where ever you've
secreted it.

Downside: the MiniMed makes (in my opinion) quite a loud click with every
0.1 unit it delivers, which I find quite intrusive. As you sit at the
dinner table, your guests may wonder what those 50 clicks are they hear
over a few minutes, as you try to discretely bolus 5 units.

And the Disetronic pump is the only one that is fully water proof.

>Oh and another question, which may seen a bit silly, What do you do when
>taking a bath, shower or even swimming when you have a pump fitted?.

Most people these days use the Silhouette or Tender infusion set (same
product: packaged by MiniMed and Disetronic respectively). These are
detachable, so you just disconnect yourself whilst you are having a bath,
sex, whatever. If you are swimming for an extended period, you may want to
keep your pump on, in which case you use the Disetronic waterproof pump, or
put the MiniMed pump in a special waterproof casing, called the Sportsguard.

I have a MiniMed 507, btw. Nearly 3 years old. It's served me well.
Recently broke down (a chip blew) and it's currently back in California
being repaired under warranty, and they gave me a replacement to be going
on with.


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