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[IPk] re: Carbohydrates: Good or bad?

Hi Jennifer -

I know a number of people who have diabetes who do very well on a low carb
diet.  I also know people who've tried it and found that it didn't really
work for them. It seems to me to depend very much on what your needs are.

I find, myself, that I'm better off if I don't eat much carbohydrate - my
blood sugars are best if I eat less than 150g carb per day. I'm vegetarian,
so I would make up the rest of my calories with protein from beans, eggs,
and cheese. I also cover protein with insulin: I get 15-17 g carb per unit
of insulin, and 30g of protein. I found my blood sugars improved a lot once
I started doing this, and it did away with a lot of unexplained highs 5 or
6 hours after a meal or snack.

I find that the same things apply to my diet on a pump as did on
injections.  Now I just have more flexibility around meal timing and
exercise, but I'm still much better off if I stick to under 150g of carb a
day.  I just wish I would!  But I rarely eat the 'recommended' carbs for my
weight - it's something like 350g per day of carb and, frankly, if I ate
that every day, I would a) be obese b) be very sick c) explode.

I'm sure other people have other opinions and experiences, but I hope that
helps you out somewhat.


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