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Re: [IPk] Site

>Can anyone give me some advise. I changed my site on Thursday, after it
>being in for about 4 days and yesterday morning it felt tender and the site
>had a small bubble under my skin, which is tender when I touch it, can
>anyone suggest what this may be.

Sara -

Could well be an infection. Not sure. I would definitely recommend getting
a doctor to look at it, as these things can occasionally get out of
control. You may be given an antibiotic cream to put on it. Some people
swear by putting a hot compress on the site, to draw the inflamation out,
but don't know much about that.

Last month I had period of rashes in the vicinity of my infusion sets. Not
always under the tape, but sometimes an inch or two away from it. On one
occasion a fluid filled blister came up, again not at the site, but an inch
or so away. Weird. I kept an eye on it, and it went after day or so. My
period of rashes has now gone.


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