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Re: [IPk] Re: long-acting insulin discussion

In message <l03130304b6318b40b4f9@[]>, John Neale
<email @ redacted> writes
>the Department
>of Health will remind you that the electorate repeatedly votes for low

I know of only one case where the electorate has been asked,
specifically, about taxes (as opposed to the whole bundle: taxes,
attitudes to foreign affairs, etc. etc.), and that was in Milton Keynes
a couple of years ago. The public were asked, would you rather, next
a) pay the same taxes as now, and get worse services (due to inflation)?
b) pay a bit more tax, and get the same services?
c) pay more than inflation, and get more services?

The results were (roughly, from memory), 5% wanted a), 50% wanted B),
and 45% wanted c).  

Mind you, Milton Keynes was designed by a Socialist Government, and they
do say architecture influences behaviour!
Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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