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[IPk] doctors

I couldn't agree with you more. I sometimes think that having dm yourself
should be a necessary qualification for treating others with the condition.
Either they're plainly disinterested or they blame it on the patient if
things go wrong.
I have a colleague who has managed alongside her general practice comitments
to get a part time post in my local diabetic clinic. We went on an activity
weekend once .Because of an unaccustomed activity I managed to have a hypo
that evening despite having a takeaway( obviously because I was replenishing
my glycogen stores and had stupidly not kept my basal at a lower level after
the exercise)
The response was ( in  a disparaging drawl)
" surely you can't be hypo after that huge meal and all that wine"

This same person also thought it amusing that one patient had a slapped
wrist because her HbA1c was 15%. I asked whether she was a non compliant
type and the response was " obviously"

I despair........

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