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Re: [IPk] rationing strips

>What do people do if the GP is denying them adequqte strips and it takes a
>while to register with another practise. Does that mean they have to deny
>themselves necessary tests or do they register with someone as aTR
> temporary resident) or purchase them themselves?

Well I purchased them myself back in 1984 (creak!) when I would only get 50
strips a year if I were lucky... Ah, those were the days. Kids today don't
know they're born etc etc

Actually, I had a friendly confrontation with my last Bristol GP when he
refused to prescribe me 400 strips in one go. I said I didn't want to waste
his time, and hoped he didn't want to waste mine. 5 tests a day was the
bare minimum for me to maintain good control - so 400 strips was 3 months
supply. Seemed a reasonable time frame. The case he put to me was that his
wasn't a fundholding surgery, and the local funding council would throw
their arms up in horror at such a large prescription. The compromise we
struck was that I would pass under the radar by getting 100 strips every 3
or 4 weeks. Bit of a bore, but that's how we did it. In fact, I would email
him my repeat prescription request which would be automatically collected
by the chemist, and I would pick up the booty from the chemist the next day.


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