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RE: [IPk] Funding

On Mon, 06 Nov 2000, you wrote:
>I Disagree
>>I don't really understand why you're so worried about informing your
>GP, if
>>it's not him that's looking after your diabetes.
>Your GP is a prime source of funding and checks all your other medical
>problems, related to diabetes or not. s/he is often the first port of
>call, unless you are lucky enough to have open access to consultant
>clinics in case you get something wrong between your 6 monthly or annual
>review (now wouldn't that be nice??).
>It is the best idea for s/he to be kept informed.

Hi Jules
You misunderstood me. I didn't mean he/she *shouldn't* be informed - just
the opposite. I meant I didn't see why there shold be such a problem about
informing him.
 Pat - I really don't think your GP is going to strike you off his list
suddenly just because you now have a pump!!! What reason would he have for
doing that? Unless he seriously thinks that having a pump is going to
endanger your health and cost his practice loads of money to look after you
(in which case you're definitely better off swtiching GPs anyway!).


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