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Re: [IPk] looking for your input

> On Humalog, yes. If you disconnect yourself, you will have no insulin at
> all in your blood within a few hours. That is why it is very dangerous to
> go to sleep without your pump connected. The benefit of using a
> disconnectable infusion set (take your pump off when you have a bath, sex,
> get dressed etc) has to be balanced against the risk of forgetting to
> reconnect it.

I only disconnect if I have to, ie. I don't disconect for things like
getting dressed. That seems to minimise the risk somewhat.
I also never disconnect without taking the pump off completely. And I
always leave it somewhere obvious. That way I
always notice it's not attached. I also switch it off so that it beeps
if I do forget to put it back on (and restart it). Although I suppose
that's not much good if you accidentally leave it at home and go off
to work :-)

having said that, I did recently reconnect my pump after aerobics and forget to
restart it. Luckily the beeping got my attention half an hour later,
but my Bg had already shot up to 15 by that point.
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