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Re: [IPk] improved health

Ah, yes, I'd forgotten that.
But did Novorapid give you any more days?
And do you know it's the Humalog?
Some people would pay good money to stick sharp pointy things in
themselves :-)
Actually i think I'm seeing the same thing after 3 days. It used to be
fine but these days I don't seem to get more than 3 days before my Bg
starts slowly rising. however, I think it has more to do with the site
itself than the insulin. After that time the cannula is more likely to
start getting bent or out of position (maybe from all the weird
positions I put my body in when dancing). the one time I didn't notice
this happening was when i was in teh US, and not dancing or being
particularly energetic.

> What was broke was that I could only get 2 days per infusion set with
> Humalog. And I wanted longer, because I don't stick long sharp pointed
> objects into my subcutaneous fat for pleasure...
> John
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