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Re: [IPk] looking for your input

>I am concerned about ketones at 12.9 after only a few hours of no insulin.
>Would this be common with a pump?

On Humalog, yes. If you disconnect yourself, you will have no insulin at
all in your blood within a few hours. That is why it is very dangerous to
go to sleep without your pump connected. The benefit of using a
disconnectable infusion set (take your pump off when you have a bath, sex,
get dressed etc) has to be balanced against the risk of forgetting to
reconnect it.

>Would you have had ketones if you had
>hit 12.9 for another reason, but you were still receiving insulin?

I wouldn't normally show ketones at 12.9. But showing ketones (ketosis) is
not the same as DKA. Besides, ketones in the urine is a natural phenomenon
that happens in non-diabetics too, sometimes if you have not eaten all day.
If you have diabetes, it can be a precursor of DKA, but DKA itself sets in
only when you have become dehydrated, and your whole body acid balance has
become upset.


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