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Re: [IPk] improved health

>One is that I haven't succumbed to all the usual bugs that go round
>(especially in a student environment). i've always had numerous colds,
>sore throats, bugs etc. and this year I had one very minor cold which
>cleared up in about 2 days (of course I'll probably end up with full
>blown flu now I've said that).

Yup - that was exactly what I found. Previously I always either had a cold,
was going down with one, or was getting over one... since I've been
pumping, any coldy things have been and gone in a flash.

>The second, and weirder thing, is that my asthma has improved a
>million percent. I've only just realised that I've hardly used my
>inhaler in months, and then only when I'm in a smoky pub, whereas
>before I would be having an average of an asthma attack a day.

It's amazing how once you remove stress from the body (bg's all over the
place, staggering from one hypo/hyper crisis to the next etc) the whole
body calms down, and those stress-aggrevated conditions quietly

>P.S. Sorry to hear you've got flu, John. Thought you'd been a bit
>quiet :-)
>Hope you're feeling better by now.

Flu - well, on this occasion my wife and I have both had it together (ah...
how nice :-) Nothing serious... in fact it was interesting how stable my
bg's were when I was eating nothing for 2 or 3 days!

Personally I am very suspiscious of this new NovoRapid insulin... I have
been on it for 3 weeks now, and in that time I have felt unusually tired
and languid. Just coincidence? Imminent flu? Who knows? Anyhow, it's
brought no benefits, so as of today I've gone back to Humalog, and I do
believe I'm feeling better already...


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