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Re: [IPk] DKA

>In the first year of my pump use, I foolishly changed my site in the evening
>one day, by bedtime my bgs were a little high 9-10, nothing at the time for
>me to worry about.  When I awoke in the morning, I felt nauseous, could
>hardly get up to walk as I felt so lethargic and not well. I tested and my
>machine said HI.  I gave myself an injection, drank lots of fluids, changed
>my site immediately and within 2 hours I was back to normal bgs.  This was
>all due to the fact that I incorrectly changed my site in the evening after
>reading and being told not to, but even so I was not DKa for that long, only
>a few hours.

Oh dear - confession time!

I had a mishap a few weeks ago... I use a disconnectable infusion set, and
always disconnect when I'm getting ready for bed. On this occasion I put
the pump in my pyjama pocket (I don't normally wear pyjamas - just a loose
top - but on this occasion I was, and decided to use the pocket). Well,
muggins managed to go to bed with his pump in his pocket, but forgot to
reconnect it. I woke up at about 5am needing to go to the toilet, which is
unusual for me, and suddenly saw the tubing hanging loose. Whoops! Bg was
12.9 - high but not danger zone - but I had v. high ketones in my urine. I
reconnected, bolused a few units, and also injected a few for good measure.
By morning everything was just fine.

I may just be getting a little bit too casual. But having said that, I have
also managed to forget by bedtime long-acting on a handful of occasions in
the preceding 20 years...


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