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Re: [IPk] Low bgs

Don't be surprised at anything on a pump with intensive testing!

I am into my fourth year with the pump, and have found last Summer that my
requirements have changed to the extent that I have lost the period shortly
after midnight when they had found in hospital that the pump had to be
switched off, which I continued at home for a while, but on the other hand
need much less insulin than before in the early morning (no more dawn
effect) and no breakfast bolus. There are other changes during the day:
overall there is a shift, and not an increase or decrease.

The frustrating thing is timing the increases and decreases in dosage to
cope with these variations (which I was aware of on injection therapy, but
could not provide documentary evidence of) and I can only suggest, from my
experience,  that to smooth out your blood sugars you make any adjustments
two hours (at least, for me, but perhaps less for you) before the value you
wish to influence. This will include building up the basal rate if necessary
before meals, which I know is an unpopular notion because it seems to limit
flexibility, but those whose basal rates are very variable anyway may find
it helps.

At least with the pump you can be reasonably subtle in your adjustments: at
some times of the day + or - 0.1 i.u. is a crucial amount, at others 1 i.u.
is neither here nor there.

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Date : lundi 29 novembre 1999 16:51
Objet : [IPk] Low bgs

>I'm interested in knowing if there is anybody out there who does not need
>insulin (either bolus or basal) at some time during the day/night.  I have
>stopped bolusing at the evening meal, and have lowered my basal rates down
>0.4 from 7pm because I have low blood sugars between 5pm and 9pm every
>evening.  I just wanted some reassurance that I'm not alone (maybe I
>Alas I am still going low between 2.5 and 3.5 every evening, am I really
>going to have to stop my basal rates, I ask myself?
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