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Hello Elizabeth

I have been on the minimed pump for nearly 4 years and cannot say a bad word 
about it, I have not met a pump user who has a horror story and have met 
quite a few in my time!

In the first year of my pump use, I foolishly changed my site in the evening 
one day, by bedtime my bgs were a little high 9-10, nothing at the time for 
me to worry about.  When I awoke in the morning, I felt nauseous, could 
hardly get up to walk as I felt so lethargic and not well. I tested and my 
machine said HI.  I gave myself an injection, drank lots of fluids, changed 
my site immediately and within 2 hours I was back to normal bgs.  This was 
all due to the fact that I incorrectly changed my site in the evening after 
reading and being told not to, but even so I was not DKa for that long, only 
a few hours.

I agree with Di as long as you are committed to taking care of yourself, 
testing your bgs, and not thinking you can eat or do as you wish because you 
are on the pump then there should be no problem.

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