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Re: [IPk] looking for your input

As long as you test regularly anmd are vigilant there is very little
chance of you going into DKA. No more so than on cnoventional
therapy. It seems to me that htis is the most often cited reason for
consultants not advocating pump therapy. But it's little more than a
convenient excuse.

Say something goes wrong. You forget to refill your pump.
In that case, when it runs out the alarm will go off (and keep going
off until you do something about it). No chance of DKA unless you are
Say you get a tube full of air bubbles, or you forget to connect your
pump. So you don't get an alarm, but you get no insulin.
What happens? Your BG shoots up. You feel like crap. You test. You're
high. At this point you either realise why you're high, and rectify
the situation, if necessary taking some insulin by injection. Or you
don't realise why, bolus a bit, test again an hour or so later, you're
even higher. By this point you're likely to start realising that
something is wrong. Your BG will probably be somewhere between 15 and
20. You take appropriate action. You don't test, find a high BG and
think "oh, it will all be OK" and do nothing about it.
DKA does not happen instantly, even if you use Humalog and have no
insulin for 2 hours. 
It takes hours to develop. When I had problems with air bubbles, I had
Bgs of around 30 for 24 hours. OK, I should have done soemthing
sooner, but I was trying to figure out what the problem was. And I
knew I was fine and nowhere near DKA. Obviously if I had stayed like
that for a week I would have been in trouble, but I wasn't going to do
that! I don't recommend having high BGs that long either.Anyway, the
point is this. As long as you are prepared to be vigilant about you
rcontrol (as you already are) then you shuold have no porblme with
DKA. Remember, you can always take insulin by syringe if things start
going wrong. The only person who is going to go into DKA is the person
who doesn't test and doesn't notice or doesn't do anythign about high BGs.

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