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Re: [IPk] Hello

>It seems that if we think our NHS is bad, we shouldn't contemplate
>emigrating!  If you need juicy quotes from real people, I'm sure we
>could provide you with lots of anecdotal stuff.  It continues to amaze
>me that for a profession which claims to be scientific, medicine is
>quite happy to ignore evidence where it doesn't fit theories!  I am
>beginning to think that astrology may be more scientific in approach
>than medicine.  History certainly is.

Hi Pat -

I woke up to this only about 5 years ago. I realised that doctors are only
human beings who happen to have specialised in medicine. They are not gods.
They are no more nor less ignorant and lazy than the rest of us in our own
chosen fields. Medicine isn't one solid body of truth: rather, it is a
disorganised choatic battlefield where different people put forward
conflicting ideas, which must be tested and tried.

This isn't meant as an anti-doctor rant, but merely to encorage people to
exercise a healthy degree of scepticism about what their doctors say to
them. It's interesting that in the last 100 years, doctors have replaced
priests in our society as the custodians of trust and wisdom. They fill a
role that needs filling, and this in itself can prevent us questioning what
we are told.

All the best


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