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-A vaccine for diabetes is on its way to Sweden. In spring it was
tested for the first time on humans. - The results will be presented
in a few weeks, it looks to be very good - already I can say that now,
says Anders Essen-Moeller, president of the research company Diamyd
Medical. He hopes that Swedish Diabetics will be able to try the
vaccine next Spring. - The goal is that Diamyd, as the Diabetes
vaccine is called, will be ready in 2004. - The expectations are
enormous. - In summer the leading scientific paper 'Science' described
it as a breakthrough in Diabetes research. - At the same time tests
were begun on people - It was a small group, 24 healthy volunteers in
Great Britain who were vaccinated to determine if it were dangerous in
any way, explains Anders Essen-Moeller


The results will be presented 10th December at the company's General
Meeting, but preliminary figures look good. Professor Ake Lernmark
called the trials 'historical' when he presented the

study at the European Diabetes Conference recently held in Brussels.


In April we plan to go further with phase 2 and hope to vaccinate
Diabetics in Great Britain and Sweden, says Anders Essen-Moeller

Type 2 Diabetics: In the beginning we want to determine if Type 2
Diabetics have any benefit from the vaccine. Despite medication,
between 10-20% of them are forced to begin with insulin treatment
after a time. With the vaccine this may be avoided

Newly Diagnosed: Another group is the newly diagnosed. With this we
hope we can stop the disease before their own insulin production stops
completely, and in this way can be strengthened.

Transplant patients: Insulin producing cells often risk being affected
again. The vaccine is hoped to prevent this.

If the vaccine is effective in the above then the direction would be
to people who risk developing the disease due to hereditary or other

The end goal is to be able to vaccinate all new-borns.


Today it is believed that immune therapy is the best way to put a stop
to the process which leads to Diabetes. The body's defence can get
used to the substance it's reacting to and therefore not go on attack.

In Diabetes it is the body's immune defence which attacks the pancreas
and destroys the cells which produce insulin. After the cells are
destroyed insulin production is reduced.

The protein GAD (glutonic acid decarboxylase) is part of this process
- it teases the immune system so that it attacks the insulin cells
where GAD is.

If the defence system has become accustomed to GAD at an earlier stage
the attack is avoided and so is the disease.

We know this from the latest animal tests in Canada. No mice developed
Diabetes after having been injected with the GAD protein, says Anders

There are 350,000 diabetics in Sweden, 70,000 of these are type 1.

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