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Re: [IPk] Blood in cannula

> >Everything seemed fine yesterday until 6.03pm when I checked my bG and
> >was shocked to see it at 21 mmol/l!
>  Di - my thoughts yesterday were... she's got trouble ahead :-) But I
> didn't say anything...

Stop it, you'll have me dancing a quickstep round the office :-)
My thoughts were the same, but my BG seemed to be fine for quite a
while so I thought I was OK.

> If I ever change my infusion set, and I'm not 100% happy, I take it out,
> throw it away, and start again. 

yes, you've told me this before (but of course I'll never learn!). To
be honest, I was curious to see what would happen. so Ileft it in for
that reason. Had I been doing anything vitally important, I would have
taken it out. Or rather, I wouldn't have stuck it in my arm in the
first place!

Sometimes for me, a painful site is fine once it "settles down". I
usually give it a couple of hours if I think it's not right, check my
bG, and if it no longer hurts, I leave it. Which is what I did.
> The MiniMed Sofserter gun that fires the SofSet in doesn't give you the
> chance to feel the site as you enter the skin, so you don't know if you are
> going into a nerve, or a small subcutaneous blood vessel. For this reason I
> wonder if you can end up with more problems by using it.

That's one reason why I don't like it.
> I tend to give big correction doses by syringe these days. You by-pass the
> uncertainty of the infusion set.

I do too, but I knew my old site was workign fine, and was stil
connected, and I was 99 percent sure that the problem was the site in
my arm.

> Rapids are meant to be good for accessing those inaccessible places...

When the disconnectable ones come over here, I'll definitely give them
a go.


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