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Re: [IPk] Blood in cannula

>Everything seemed fine yesterday until 6.03pm when I checked my bG and
>was shocked to see it at 21 mmol/l!

 Di - my thoughts yesterday were... she's got trouble ahead :-) But I
didn't say anything...

If I ever change my infusion set, and I'm not 100% happy, I take it out,
throw it away, and start again. If I don't do this, and think "oh, it'll
sort itself out", it doesn't! I'm always amazed at how easy it is to tell
that a set is not "right". It might be slightly uncomfortable, hurt a bit,
blood on the skin, blood backing up the tube etc. Or it might be just very
painful when I try to insert it, in which case I move. I find these all
excellent clues. And when a set is "right" I know it, and it sits there
comfortably for a few days.

The MiniMed Sofserter gun that fires the SofSet in doesn't give you the
chance to feel the site as you enter the skin, so you don't know if you are
going into a nerve, or a small subcutaneous blood vessel. For this reason I
wonder if you can end up with more problems by using it.

>I reconnected the tubing to the
>old site which was still in place, bolused a whole load of
>insulin....an hour later, BG still 19. Bolused a whole lot more and
>went to my dance class (without lowering my basal rate), 3 hours later
>it was back down to a nice 5 mmol/l.

I tend to give big correction doses by syringe these days. You by-pass the
uncertainty of the infusion set.

>So, I will have to try again with the arm another time. Idid try once
>with a Sofset and it was OK though it hurt a bit.
>It's very hard inserting a SIlhouette with one hand, but it's awful
>having a Sofset actually in your arm, where it catches on things (and

Rapids are meant to be good for accessing those inaccessible places...

(From a snowy Freiburg!)

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