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Re: [IPk] Hello

In message <email @ redacted>,
Julette Kentish <email @ redacted> writes
>Most dietitians in Australia ( i trained there - and i am sure NZ is the
>same) have gone onto glycaemic index - so you will need to convert back
>to 10g lines/15g CHO portions to calculate for your bolus. 

I feel you are confusing what (to revert, temporarily, to an old
discussion here) was called 'carbohydrate counting' (i.e. blocks or
portions of carbohydrates, have to be eaten, have to be eaten at certain
times, etc.) with 'carbohydrate assessment' (aka 'the new carbohydrate

In carbohydrate assessment, you don't have to think in blocks or
portions of 10g, 12g, 15g or any other number: you think in terms of
total CHO in what you want to eat (quick aside here to say 'healthy
diet', just because some people get upset when diabetics talk only of
carbohydrate assessment/counting, and don't mention it.  And you can
continue to look at the glycaemic index, salt content, calorie content,
cruelty-free nature, and anything else which is important to you when
deciding what to put on your plate: carbohydrate assessment is not a
dietary or ethical guideline, it's a way of preventing complications by
maintaining healthy blood glucose levels).

OK. So you look at what you want to eat, guess or measure (as you feel
best) how much CHO it's got, and bolus for it (with all those other
variable).  Of course, it's easier with a pump, where fractions of a
unit of insulin can be taken. An example: you want to eat 36 CHO, and
that means 4.7 units of insulin, so that's what you take (purely
hypothetical example - some folk would need much less, others much more
insulin for that same 36g).  

MDIers like me, are stuck with whole-number units.  So we do tend to
block/portion CHO.  But we do it at an individual level (36g - 4.7
units, for example, gives a 'block' of 7.5g).  
Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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