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RE: [IPk] Hello

>here of course.  I'm working away at effecting change over here.  It's very
>hard when the entire health system is geared towards conventinal therapy and
>the blinkers have been set accordingly.  Unfortunatley it's so cost-driven,
>with the government and health providers wanting to do (spend!!!) as little
>as possible in the short term.  The seems to be little thinking that
>suggests it's better to avoid complications by spending thousands rather
>than treating them costing millions.  Budget constraints, chief executives
>coming and going, short term thinking, reactivity, that's what it's about

Gosh Mike! How accurately you describe the UK health service :-( Please
take courage that you are not alone in fighting these battles. The progress
in Britain seems to be glacial in character, but there is progress
none-the-less. I've just heard that my (former) endo in Bristol is hoping
to have 4 (yes! 4...) people on the pump on a trial basis by Christmas.
I've no idea what funding arrangements will be available if these lucky
people choose to continue with the pump. But I have a horrible suspicion
that he may take the line that if your control is "generally acceptable"
(ie no regular DKA, and no brain damage from severe hypos) then you must
fund the pump yourself...

Let's wait, see and hope.


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