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Re: [IPk] Disetronic vs. Minimed

>There is a useful comparison of both pumps conducted by someone with
>diabetes - he has his own website in the US - his name is Bob Burnett and I
>cannot remember what his website address is.  John Davies can you provide

There is another excellent website which compares all the available pumps
at http://www.diabetesnet.com/insulinpumps.html. The info on this site
relates specifically to the US market, but it is much the same in Europe.

It lists 3 other pumps in addition to the market leaders, Disetronic and

One is Dahedi - which I believe is now marketted by Disetronic, although it
is entirely different from their HTRON+ pump.

Another is Sooil, a Korean company. They have supplied pumps to the Korean
market for some years, and are now entering the European and US markets
with their Dana pump. I've no idea if they have a distribution network in
place, but they are seeking regulatory approval.

The final one is Animas, a new US high-tech company. They have completed
development of their pump, and are seeking regulatory approval, but as yet
it is not for sale. It appears that the Animas is also designed to be used
in conjunction with a surgcally implanted infrared glucose sensor -
somewhat more permanent than the Minimed one, which must be changed every 3

All 5 pumps have roughly similar specifications, with small differences
that may or may not be important to some people.


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