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Re: [IPk] Hello

I hope you're right, Morag.  I've been told that most people in Ireland are
still on two shots a day.  I've come across the following attitude from a
cross-section of medical professionals, including my GP, who is actually
pretty good:  most people wouldn't want to/it's too much trouble for most
people/many people aren't bright enough to handle it.  But do they bother
educating anyone to see if they can handle it before applying this rule?
No!  I will stop my rant now.

But I will finish by saying that one of my fears about pumps is that this
attitude will prevent me from getting one.  Most medical people think my
control is excellent, including at the diabetes clinic.  But what about the
fact that I haven't had a normal fasting glucose in 11 days?  I'm saving up
facts like these for my next clinic visit.


>Once they see the true glycemic profiles how can they possibily justify
recommending 2 finger sticks a day or treating a child with 1 injection a
day ?

I'm hoping to see some radical changes to diabetes treatment over the next
few years ,certainly elsewhere in Europe .
UK docs now realise that they are falling behind the rest of Europe and
they can't allow this to continue ..... can they ?

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