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[IPk] Glycemic instability / Glucose sensor

Simon ,
The Minimed Continuous Glucose sensor will become available in the UK during mid 2000 and of course preference will be given to pump patients whenever possible to participate in the first trials .

It certainly won't hold all the answers as it will still be an open loop system but in the US where it is now being used in 20 centres it is already helping to answer some of the questions .

It is proving to be particularly useful in monitoring overnignt glycemic levels and then allowing precise dose adjustments to be made with the pump . Exercise and post prandials levels are also very interesting to track so that you can more precisely understand the effect of different exercise  , variable meals  and also the affects of stress on glycemic control .

Unfortunately the system won't take away all the swings but it is clearly showing that injection regimes have problems and that better control can be achieved by pump therapy .
Even the most cynical diabetologist will have a difficult time criticising pump therapy when he is able to visualise a dawn phenomenen, nocturnal low etc  for the first time and realise that it is impossible to treat many patients adequately with MDIs.

The 507 , 507C and 508 will all be compatible with the sensor communication package and solutions software programme which will interpret both the sensor and pump data .


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