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Re: [IPk] Disetronic vs. Minimed

It's basically down to personal choice, and what suits you best. Some
of the features promoted arae very minor, for example, the fact that
Disetronic pumps release insulin evry 3 minutes instead of every 6
minutes, or whatever it is, really doesn't make it any better (though
Disetronic would probably disagree <g>). If you want a waterproof
pump, the D has an advantage over the MM, but I think that only really
makes a difference if you want to go swimming with it on (which I
wouldn't do anyway). 
Cost is a factor, and the replacement issue - with D you get 2 pumps
but they stop working after 3 years. With MM you get one pump, and if
something goes wrong, they give you a replacement while they fix
it. Their lifespan should be longer than 3 years, but you never know.
Otherwise it's down to bells and whistles. And it depends what model
you go for. The older ones with fewer gadgets are cheaper,
unsurprisingly. Although the new MM does
have some groovy gadgets :-)

I think there's some discussion of the choice of pumps on the US
pumpers site
I presume you've looked at both companies' web pages too.

Incidentally, (question for Ray/Morag), if you wanted to upgrade an MM
for a newer model, would you have to pay the full price of the new
model or would there be some sort of deal on an exchange
 (assuming the old one was still in good condition)?


> Does anyone have any opinion on which is better or easier?  I'm waiting for
> my sales literature to come through the post.
> elizabeth oshea
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